Student Support Services (SSS) employs between 30 and 40 peer tutors every semester. Tutors work anywhere from five hours a week to 20 hours a week. How much a tutor works is dependent on two things: 1) how much they want to work and 2) how many requests for the subjects they tutor have been made. In order to apply, please fill out an application and bring to Warner 105. Upon returning the application, an applicant will need to set up an interview time with the tutor coordinator.


SSS attempts to tutor every course on campus; therefore, applicants in all subject areas will be considered. On the other hand, SSS is a request-based tutoring program, and only employs tutors in subjects that have been requested by students. Tutors in some subjects are requested more often than others and are more likely to be hired. These subjects are engineering, mathematics, sciences, agriculture, business, and accounting. To reiterate though, applicants in any subject may be hired. In the event a qualified applicant does not meet the needs of SSS tutoring at a certain time, the application will be kept on file. If a student does come in requesting a tutor in the area of an applicant's expertise, the tutor coordinator will contact him/her to see if he/she is still available to be hired. Applications will be held for one semester. New applications may be submitted at any time.


Potential tutors must: (In rare cases exceptions can be made to these qualifications. Please contact the tutor coordinator to inquire.)

  1. Be a student at UW-Platteville with a course load of at least six (6) credits.
  2. Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75.
  3. Have earned a grade no lower than B in a course they are hoping to tutor.
  4. Be available to tutor a minimum of five (5) hours per week between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  5. Have completed a semester of post-secondary education with a minimum of twelve (12) college credit hours.
  6. Have effective interpersonal communication skills and ease in relating to people of varying educational, cultural, and social backgrounds.

To learn more about becoming a tutor for SSS, please contact 608.342.1812 or stop in to Warner 112 to schedule an appointment with the tutor coordinator.

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