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This years Early Childhood Conference was a great success!
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Friends and area early childhood professionals spent the day learning, collaborating, and being inspired with new ideas for their work with children and their families.

The 1st keynote speakers, Katherine and Ben Perreth, shared their own personal journey and reinforced the beauty of inclusivity in the classroom.

To top off an awesome day author, speaker, and bubble-artist Geoff Akins Hannah demonstrated how to use the wonder of bubbles, magic, and storytelling to capture and redirect a child’s attention.

Next years event will be held on March 10, 2018. Keynote speakers and topics are announced below. Registration will open January 2018!

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Key Note Speakers

Kelly Matthews
Presented by Kelly Matthews

A little flour on the nose makes everything turn out better: How paying attention to the mixing of rituals and relationships can deepen bonds

If you are ready to go deeper and want to start identifying those "intangibles" that seem to make the difference in kids' lives over the long haul, join us for this session about how, through rituals (both formal and informal), we can help children make sense of time and of themselves and their place in the world.

If you can remember your grandma's pet name for you, even after all these years, this is the workshop for you!


Bob Kann
Presented by Bob Kann

Using Humor with Children: Everyone’s a Winner!

Humor is a dynamic tool underutilized by early childhood educators. Humor can be used to build community, promote positive behaviors, cement relationships, reduce stress, defuse tensions, establish vibrant learning environments, and feel good.

Dr. Bob Kann shares some of the techniques of humor and strategies for developing a healthy comic mind-set. Any twenty-year-old with thirty years of experience working in child care will benefit from this session.



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