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Special Students

Not ready to enroll in a degree program? You can enroll as a Special Student for single course enrollment. You may enroll in a single course rather than a full degree for personal enrichment, to apply toward a certificate, if you plan on transferring the course to another institution, or if you want to start a course(s) while the admission process is completed.

As a special student you

  • Can enroll in a maximum of 12 credits.
  • Must meet prerequisites for courses.
  • Are not obligated to follow specific degree requirements.
  • Are not eligible for financial aid.
  • May be admitted to a degree program after completing the admission process and any in-progress coursework. Check program requirements for more information.


To enroll for a single undergraduate course review the complete list of online and print-based course offerings and complete the Special Student Application.


You may register as a Special Student and receive academic credit for courses taken while at this status if you have earned a bachelor’s degree from a nationally or regionally accredited institution recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

To enroll for a single graduate course review the complete list of online course offerings and complete the Special Student Application.    

UW-Platteville Campus Students

If you are a current UW-Platteville campus student, stop in the Distance Learning Center in 2100 Ullsvik for more information on taking an online course. You can also review how online courses compare to on campus courses.

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