Travel Tips:

  • Airfare must be purchased through Fox World Travel in accordance with Policy: 410 Purchase & Payment of Business Air Travel
  • Lodging/Meal & Incidental Calculator will determine the rates allowed for the location; when using Fox World Travel travelers are responsible for knowing the rate maximums for the location and staying with in the rates unless the lodging site is the conference venue.
  • Lodging must be booked through Fox World Travel Online booking tool unless the conference site is cheaper or you must use the conference site to book. Third Party vendors (such as Expedia or are not allowed and will not be reimbursed.
  • Meals are per diem (per day) rate.
  • Driver Authorization must be filed with Risk Managment before driving on University Business.
  • Rental Vehicles: Enterprise & National are the contracted vendors. Gas reimbursment for rental vehicles is allowed, pre-pay fuel is not allowed.
  • Mileage will be reimbursed on personal vehicles; gas reimbursment is not allowed for personal vehicles.
  • Purchases over $25.00 must have an itemized reciept
  • Travel which includes students must fill out the CSA Travel Registry for the Clery Report


When filing out a travel expense report (TER), make sure you are prepared with the following documentation.

  • Documentation stating date, time and location
  • Agenda
  • Itemized Receipts for an expense $25.00 and over
  • MapQuest or Google Maps for Mileage documenation

TER Submitters
1. Go to E-Reimbursment log in.
2. Click one of the following:

a. Create (to start a new travel expense report)
b. Modify (to modify and submit a previously saved report)
c. View (to review a previously completed report)

TER Approvers

1. Go to E-Reimbursment log in.
2. Click one of the following:

a. Approve Transactions (to approve transactions)
b. Reassign My Workflow (redirects expense reports from approval queue to another approver or auditor)

How To's:

How to work with Per Diem Deductions

How travelers can see where their expense report is

How to reduce or limit an expense reimbursment

More How to's and videos can be found under User Guides and Job Aides on UWTravelWIse.

Travel Training

Travel Training

Click on the training name below to bring up more information and to sign up.

Trainings are limited to 15 individuals per session.--Session is now FULL

How to Book: Airfare, Lodging and Rental Cars

September 21, 2017

1:00PM to 2:00 PM in Hempel Lab MPSC


How to fill out a simple Travel Expense Report

October 12, 2017

11:00AM to 12:00PM in Hempel Lab MPSC


Travel Policy Overview        

November 8, 2017

1:00PM to 2:00PM in Mississippi Room MPSC


Travel Payments          

December 5, 2017

1:00PM to 2:00PM in Mississippi Room MPSC


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