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The Teaching and Technology Center provides support services and professional development for all faculty and instructors at UW-Platteville to help improve teaching and student learning.







TTC: FPD Series

FPD Series

The online Faculty Professional Development module series have been developed for faculty and instructors at UW-Platteville who would like a quick introduction to a specific topic related to teaching and learning at our university. Each module is stand-alone and can be completed independently.

1) Developing an Effective Syllabus

In this learning module, you will learn the purpose of a syllabus with specific recommendations for syllabi at UW-Platteville. Suggestions for creating an accessible and inclusive syllabus is highlighted.

2) Creating Masterful Student Learning Outcomes

Planning, writing and assessing student learning outcomes (SLOs) are keys to making sure that students learn what you want them to learn. In this module, learn what makes a good student learning outcome and master the art of writing SLOs for your courses.

3) Aligning Assessment and SLOs

With student learning outcomes identified, the next step is to be sure that you are evaluating student progress toward these outcomes. Learn about assessment techniques and alignment in this module.


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